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Hi, I'm Nick Bentley.
Husband, father, trader and founder of Trading Price.

When I began trading a little over twelve years ago I made just about every mistake in the book. I lost over $50,000 of my dad's money trying to figure out how to trade profitably. But it was all worth it.

Because of what I learned over the years, it allows me and my family to lead a lifestyle today most others only dream of. By developing a unique trading strategy... one that consistently produces over 70% success rate in the trades we take month after month.

I boiled everything I learned down to a simple strategy I call 'The Bentley Method'. And ordinary people just like you and I are using this brand new method to finally trade futures profitably, consistently and without the guess-work.

I'd like to share that strategy with you today...
What Our Members Say...

"You walk us by the hand through the Accelerator. I’ve been trading for years with mixed results and now…finally have a system I can rely on to profitably trade. Thank you!"

- Jesse G.

"You explain trading in such a way that it makes us beginners understand the concept of what you’re saying. You make it look easy and I just made my first $662.50 trade! Thank you thank you!"

- Bella B.

"You make it really easy to learn. I knew nothing about trading and now I understand exactly what to look for. What I’ve learned is so valuable and I want everyone to take your course!"

- Ashley E.

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